Since 2007

We've become a digital literacy hub
for the city of Peabody.


For a yearly fee, you can take advantage of all of the resources we have to offer.

With a PAT membership, you are entitled to use our facility and equipment to produce your own programming. We also offer free or low-cost training in video production and editing. Membership access grants you prioritized scheduling on channel 99, and access to posting on the community bulliten board and uploading content to our website.

  • $15 - Student and Seniors
  • $25 - Individuals
  • $100 - Businesses and Organizations
Upload to our site.

After you've become a member, created a show, and aired it, do you want to reach a broader audience? Our website gives you the ability to upload your show for a small price, and your show will be viewable by the world! Your show will appear in our site and anybody can watch it and leave comments. You can share your show with all of your friends or business partners.


Outside of the benefits of a membership, we offer many of the services of a production house at a cost that won't break your budget.

Event Coverage

If you need an event covered, look no further. We can put together and experienced production crew for you so that you don’t have to worry about all of the technical details.

Equipment Rentals

From birthday parties to feature films. Give us a ring and ask about renting our equipment for a personal project.


We can help make your project stand out with our powerful editing workstations. From high quality graphics to fine-tuning audio, we’ll make post-production a breeze for you.

DVD Duplication

Have some old home videos that need transferring to DVD? Or do you need to make multiple copies of a program? Our 5 disc DVD duplicator will have your job done in a snap.

Contact us today for consultation.


Welcome to the most advanced access center on the North Shore.

Featuring state of the art technology, our facility was crafted to give you all of the tools necessary to breathe life into your ideas. We are constantly updating and upgrading software and hardware to enhance your learning experience and stimulate your creative juices.

After specialized training, you will have access to professional-level broadcast high definition cameras that use a tapeless workflow. Footage is then edited on powerful Apple Mac computers loaded with all of the latest software

  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • DVD Duplication
  • 3 Camera Studio
  • Green Screen
  • HD Cameras
  • iMac Workstations
High Quality Coverage - Anywhere.

After upgrading our production truck in 2010, we have introduced high definition capabilities, and instant graphics creation for live event coverage.


People take notice when you're an awesome access center.

2013 Northeast ARC "Media Award"
  • Outstanding Coverage and Promotion of the ArcWorks Community Art Center
2013 Massachusetts Recreation & Parks Association Award
  • "Program Outreach Agency Award" - Peabody Youth TV
2012 ACM Northeast Region Video Festival
  • 1st Place: Live Event - 2012 International Festival Coverage
  • 3rd Place: Community Impact Programming - ArcWorks Yarnbombing PSA
2012 NATOA GPA Awards
  • Government Programming Award.
2011 ACM Northeast Region Fall Festival
  • Outstanding Acheivement in Public, Education, and Government Access
  • Best PEG Promo/PSA - JRM Recycling PSA
  • Best Local Attractions - 2011 Senior Variety Show
2011 Hometown Video Awards
  • Overall Excellence in Public, Government, and Education Access
  • Best Website for Access Centers
  • Best Music Video - Transformer